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Android Poem #1
I am very happy
that the new one by the end
of her visit the following
link to the beach and the other hand
The only way I could have
a look and see what I was
just wondering what
you are not logged in to your life
Easier for the next
day delivery on all the time
of year again for all
your help in making New Zealand
Dollar is the best of
the Crown Estate is you can find
a way that the information
The comments on the couch
:iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 0 0
Android Haiku #2
I have no control
of the Crown Estate is a
bit more about the new
and then the other hand
I am not a good time to
get a chance of a
the same time as the
name and email it back to me
baybeeeee the best way
:iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 0 0
Android Haiku #1
And i think it was
too much for your help and I
am a beautiful
In the past few days
to go to the dentist and
the Price of the Crown
projects a lil bit
since im sitting in the tree
and then click the link
:iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 1 4
The Fool by bloodskrawl The Fool :iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 4 1 Some things never change by bloodskrawl Some things never change :iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 9 0 Logo by bloodskrawl Logo :iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 0 1 Black by bloodskrawl Black :iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 7 2
It sometimes frightens me when the darkness calls my name
Surely by now I should be accustomed to your late night escapades
You, who hovers near me
near enough for me to feel you
yet never to glimpse your face
How you tease my heart with your syrupy whisperings
silvertongue words that have no basis in my world
Do you enjoy pulling my strings
Am I to be your personal marionette?
Perhaps I am your latest plaything
Someone to keep your entertained in your lonely forever
Sometimes I wonder if the chill on my neck is your breath as you stand by my side
or is it just my soul that get chills at the very thought of you
Ghost, why do you torture me so?
:iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 11 1
Redscale Lomo by bloodskrawl Redscale Lomo :iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 0 5 Imagine by bloodskrawl Imagine :iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 4 1 irregular - type design by bloodskrawl irregular - type design :iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 2 1 stubborn - type design by bloodskrawl stubborn - type design :iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 3 2
My Inferno
I see you walk by, I know you're there
You smile
I sigh
I know this will go nowhere
I have this strange feeling, I know it too well
My masquerade is concealing this self-inflicted hell.
I long to call you mine, an oft had dream. So I'll keep pretending,
I'll smile and be fine
My private little dream to be shared with none.
A lonely bullet in the chamber of a loaded gun
:iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 3 9
I broke my glass... Cannon? by bloodskrawl I broke my glass... Cannon? :iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 15 6 Kyle v2.0 by bloodskrawl Kyle v2.0 :iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 1 0
Quand je voir tu dans le manoir de mon coeur
Nos lumière de lune ombre fluide et rapide
Et temps est diamante
Quand je se rencontrer tu dans le manoir de mon coeur
l'obscurité de nuit est pour toujours
et nous danser sur bord de rayon de soleil
Quand je accueillir tu dans manoir de mon coeur
nouveau aurore contre peur
et le trouver le réponse de vie
Quand je guider tu à travers le manoir de mon  coeur
nous faire une promenade sur le temps qui
et éternité est nos martyr
:iconbloodskrawl:bloodskrawl 1 0

Random Favourites

Colour Of Life XXXVIII by Damienne Bingham by GreenEyedHarpy Colour Of Life XXXVIII by Damienne Bingham :icongreeneyedharpy:GreenEyedHarpy 364 102 eternity preserved by obselete-angel eternity preserved :iconobselete-angel:obselete-angel 226 39 Bells to a Ball by Klyph Bells to a Ball :iconklyph:Klyph 1,731 288 Staring by kris-wilson Staring :iconkris-wilson:kris-wilson 3,400 376 lets play... by bibierdakiller lets play... :iconbibierdakiller:bibierdakiller 31 34
First, you stole my eyes,
Because I was unable to see that you
Were my poison.
Next, you stole my heart,
Because it stopped beating
The moment you recoiled
From my touch,
Leaving me cold
To all passion and vigour.
Then, you stole my life
Because it was consumed in thoughts
Of you, of us
And what we could be right now.
Now, you’ve stolen my dignity
Because I still think sometimes
About you,
And wonder if I’d take
You back.
:iconxburiedinblackx:XburiedinblackX 2 3
Pointless Conversion
We’ll never be the same again,
not after the accusations of
Well, if you can’t understand...
I understand.
It’s clear
that we’re on different wavelengths,
different systems,
different scales.
The chemistry sparked and died
after prolonged, forced reactions
at thirty-two-degrees Celsius.
But now, the understanding
is gone.
What’s the point in conversion?
We’re metric and imperial.
Queen’s English and American.
Celsius and Farenheit.
:iconxburiedinblackx:XburiedinblackX 3 4
I give you my precious gift... by Yasny-chan I give you my precious gift... :iconyasny-chan:Yasny-chan 1,650 498 Wishing my life away by petebritney Wishing my life away :iconpetebritney:petebritney 62 20 Gimme Mohr by petebritney Gimme Mohr :iconpetebritney:petebritney 25 15
Mature content Prologue :icondenlm:denlm 213 287
Creepy Guy
Creepy Guy
I am creepy guy
Maybe I will stalk you home
Because handsome guy
Looks dangerous with his smile.
I am creepy guy
Maybe I will telephone
Because talk is cheap
And your silence is priceless.
I am creepy guy
Maybe I will send bouquets
With messages like,
“A stalk is never enough.”
:iconevcfenix:evcfenix 7 27
This Is A Conundrum
This Is A Conundrum
When wings offer no freedom flight
When hooves offer no gallop of speed
When fins are for the highest heights
And enamels sharpened for consumption of seeds.
Nature devises conundrums as such
With answers big between the lines it hide
Do not turn blind and see everything just
In nothing more than black and white.
:iconevcfenix:evcfenix 4 33
Perception by x-horizon Perception :iconx-horizon:x-horizon 2,886 252 Project Positivity by fragments-of-a-dream Project Positivity :iconfragments-of-a-dream:fragments-of-a-dream 22 9
Skylar A. Moore, Skylarina, Skylargasm
The lady of many names, all meant to attempt to describe the phenomenon that is Miss Skylar. She asked me to create "Something that, in essence, describes me or captures me in some form. Whatever medium, as long as its amazing." Her instructions are vague and lacking modesty, which is entirely expected and even more so a fair summary of her. Vague in definition, Skylar has no accurate description words. She can be and often is everywhere and everything at once. She goes on prancing about in ecstasy over her male and their never ending shenanigans, all the while wondering how to best tackle some new goal of a completely unrelated subject during which she is also attempting to deal with her own internal conflicts as they arise and disperse on a daily basis, followed by her wondering which melons would be appropriate for her Melon Day Extravaganza. Her satirical lack of modesty plays right into the common silliness of herself, she's everything
:iconeliw00d:Eliw00d 4 1



South Africa

When words falter, I am alone.
The rhyme is my mirror
The other part
of Kyle

Taken from Kyle

Personal Quote: Nothing makes one so vain as being told one is a sinner
And not the type beggars get:P

Tis September the 1st and Spring is upon us! It time for change and a whole whack of new things. w00t for do-overs!

I'm currently awaiting my phone-call, still, sigh. But it will happen soon!

Seeing as how I'm trying to worm my way into the DA community, yey for community, I'm spreading my vines far and wide.

I'd like to thank *Free-Styl3 for giving me a feature in the first issue of The Lens Effect

I'm deeply grateful.
Please :+fav: the news article so that more people will become aware of all the unmarked talent DA has to offer.
  • Listening to: The rumble of the air-con
  • Reading: The writing on the wall
  • Watching: The children click away at their pcs
  • Playing: I always play the fool :)
  • Eating: Yum Cookies
  • Drinking: Some delicious ambrosia!



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